subota, 22. veljače 2014.

The research on MARS(Water on Mars)


The scientists studied the geological history of Mars by data analysis. It is concluded that the ground on Mars has some of the water that people could get away without using heat, but also that it has small amounts of toxic chemicals, what a possible human expedition to Mars should pay particular attention to. One of the first things that Curiosity made on the Red Planet, was accumulation of the part of sand and dust on region that scientists called a 'stone's Nest'. 
The Curiosity has released sample through its three instruments - ChemCam, CheMin i Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM). But, scientists discovered that the Curiosity found a large amount of water on the planet, but the media are covering up the truth. It also ran on a couple of funny little Martians. The Martians took the camera and recorded every detail on the surface. NASA paid them not to send the images to the public because people think that there is nothing on Mars. It is not yet known in what currency they paid. But we will assume that we are talking about U.S. dollars.

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